August 24th 2016
We're playing a gig on the 24th of September at the Pack & Carriage in North London.
Heavy Springs' gigs come but once a tickets available here.

Heavy Springs Live

December 21st 2015
Everyone knows that WAV, FLAC, & MP3 files make the best stocking filler. Look no further.
Running From The Jag Jag & Shark Attack, released today!
Head over to our bandcamp page and check them out.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas,
Heavy Springs x

Heavy Springs One

August 15th 2015
Heavy Springs are playing a gig on the 11th of September at the New River Studios in North London.
Do come along and have a listen...

Heavy Springs Live

August 1st 2015
New (old) Videos

Here are some videos we recorded a while back at 123 Studios with the help of Lemonade Money.

July 20th 2015
Studio recording:

We've been busily working away on a couple of new studio recordings "Running From The Jag Jag" and "Shark Attack"
We hope to have these ready for your listening pleasure before too long...
In the meantime here are a couple of photos from our studio:

Gemma Tris Thomas Will Thomas Shark Attack